(3,5 km from the Hotel)
It's one of the most renowned tourist centres of the Calabrian Ionic coast, and thanks to its charming beauty it is called "the Pearl of the Ionian Sea".
(7 km from the Hotel)
Between Stalettė and Pietragrande there lays the beach of Caminia, with its fine and silver sand, touched light by a blue transparent sea.
(8,5 km from the Hotel)
It is considered one of the most elegant sites of the Calabrian Coast, thanks to its delicious shores which characterize the little promontory with its high rock faces.
The Archaeological Park of Scolacium
(15,5 km from the Hotel)
The ruins of Santa Maria della Roccella in Roccelletta di Borgia emerge vast and appealing from the green olive trees.
The Certosa of Serra San Bruno
(38 km from the Hotel)
The first monastery of the Certosini order in Italy and the second one of the entire order, isolate in a wonderful fir-trees wood.
The Cattolica of Stilo
(47 km from the Hotel)
Entirely made of bricks, with three apses and five little domes, the Cattolica was built in the X century on an isolate hillock, as the main church of a monastery of the Basiliani order, or rather, first cathedral of the old vescocato.
Le Castella
(60 km from the Hotel)
A town situated on the tip of a peninsula in the north part of the Gulf of Squillace. The castle goes back to 1521, but its origins are more ancient. They narrate that Hannibal, during the II Punic war, made it built in an attempt to oppose the Roman legions.
Sila Piccola
(80 km from the Hotel)
Near the Gariglione wood, one of the best preserved remains of the ancient Sila forest, is situated the Ampollino Lake, an artificial lake made with a 26 mt dam.